We buy apartments on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

We will buy your apartment within a week time!

Sell your apartment without agent's commission by our BuyPLUS package for direct purchase!

We do not work like other sites buying or selling apartments. We do not take any commission. If you want to sell your property quickly and at the best price, trust Select Property and save on costs of quickly selling your home.

How does it work?

Select Property is the only company on the market that would make you a clear offer for your apartment right away and the selling procedure starts with an online offer, you don't have to even leave your home. We will purchase your apartment in just 72 hours following our offer and you will not be charged any commission.

We carry out all the administrative and legal procedures by making sure the process is safe, transparent and simple for you at any stage. We offer you a fair price according to the specific characteristics of your property, thanks to our unique online-offer algorithm which is regularly updated and allows us to offer you the best prices.

The process of selling your property:

1. Fill the form

Describe the details of your real estate. It takes you less than a minute.

2. We will get back to you within 24 hours

Our expert will visit and evaluate your property.

3. You receive your money

Get paid quickly and transparently.

Property Sales Options

BuyPLUS Package
  • No fees or commissions
  • Within 72 hours we will make you a direct initial offer
  • We will buy and pay directly for your property
  • We will pay in cash immediately

  • No commission
  • No fixed-amount fees payable upfront
  • You will pay initially € 0
  • You will owe 2% of the final price of the property upon sale

BASIC Package
  • No fixed-amount fees payable upfront
  • You will pay upfront € 0
  • You will owe us 5% commission upon sale
  • We Sell Your Property within 6 months

SELECT Package
  • No commission
  • Upon sale of your property you will pay € 0
  • In the begin you pay fix package price of only € 199
  • We sell your property within 6 months

SMART Package
FROM 495
  • No commission
  • Upon sale of your property you will pay € 0
  • In the begin you pay a package of your choice: from € 495 to €1,095
  • Refund if we fail in the sale within 6 months.

About Us

Select Properties is positioned inthe market as a solution for owners in the process of selling their homes, offering a safe, fast and simple sale.

We operatein a different way to the other websites for buying or selling flats. We pay cash in just 72 hours and you get charged no commission. Our methods are reliable and safe, because employ our own information and technologyto achieve fair appraisal of the properties and to offer you the best price according to the characteristics of your home. We are the only ones in the market who can give you, in an entirely digital way and with a full confidence, a prompt and completely customized offer for your home.

Select Properties in the Media

Select Properties 1st interview at THE NEW YORK TIMES – 04.07.2012

The housing market is still reeling from the global crisis. During its bubble period from 2000 to 2008, home prices grew 300 percent, partly in anticipation of the country’s joining the European Union in 2007, said Stanislav Petrov, the sales manager for Select Properties Bulgaria, an agency based in the coastal city of Bourgas.

Select Properties 2nd interview at THE NEW YORK TIMES - 27.02.2019

About 10 percent of the Bulgarian housing market is made up of foreign buyers, said Stanislav Petrov, the sales manager for Select Properties Bulgaria, an agency with offices in Bulgaria and Great Britain. Foreign buyers, most of whom are seeking vacation apartments or houses, tend to be attracted to the Black Sea coast, in particular the cities of Varna and Burgas, followed by ski resorts, such as Pamporovo and Borovets.

Select Properties 3rd interview at THE NEW YORK TIMES - 27.02.2019

Stanislav Petrov, the founder and managing director of Select Properties Bulgaria, said more than 80 percent of his clients in Sofia are buying apartments, with prices averaging about 1,120 euros a square meter ($118 a square foot) for a two-bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Select Properties?

Select Properties was born as a solution for homeowners who want to sell quickly, safely and easily. Select Properties receives the owners'sales offer request, makesan offer free of charge and without any commitment, and if an agreement is reached, Select Properties makesa cash payment and manages all the relevant documentation to make surethe owner can get his cash in hand quickly and the sale of theproperty proves to bea simple and pleasant experience.

What advantages does Select Properties offer me?

Select Properties pays cash for your property, so you can buy a new home instantly or solve inheritance issues, or just sell your property easily. The great advantage that Select Properties offers is the prompt sale of your property. When you sell your property to Select Properties you save yourself the hassle of visiting, listing, documentation, agency commissions, expenses for the property, etc.

Will it cost me anything to receive an offer?

Absolutely nothing. Unlike many of our competitors, we are always happy to give you a no-commitmnet, free offer on your property. We are property professionals with over 15 years aggregateexperience, and even if you decide not to do business with us, our team will be happy to have at least given you a little free property advice.

I need to sell my residence fast – how can you help me?

- If you seek a fast sale, check out the benefits of our package AuctionPLUS. We will sell your residence fast and easy with the auction method of Alexander Sankin.

- If you seek an express sale, check out the benefits of our package BuyPLUS. We will buy directly your residence as soon as the sales documents are ready.

How can find out how much my property is worth?

-The price of the property is one of the most important factors for the sale. We use the most up to date and sophisticated assessment software available. This lets us make an extremely accurate assessment of your property. We also have extensive knowledge of local markets throughout Bulgaria from our property purchasing experience.

Can I be sure that Select Properties will be the right for me?

You can. We pride ourselves on our honest, professional approach, and would be happy to put you in touch with people who have sold their property to us in the past. We cannot, of course, guarantee that absolutely everyone will judge us to be their perfect buyer, but we can vouch that our service is the quickest available and that we will make you the highest possible offer. Call us, or fill out our form, and find out for yourself.

I'd like you to make me an offer. What should I do next?

Simply fill in our online form or pick up the phone and give us a call on +359 887 737370 to discuss your property.



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